50 days of Chennai

Isn’t there always a song that manages to consume us regardless of whatever we are going through in our lives? I was caught in the great Perungulathur traffic earlier tonight when I randomly heard one such song and was amazed at how it has slipped out of my life despite being an addiction years back.

Coming back to the level ground, it has been fifty days since I moved to Chennai. And trust me, it hardly seems like that. It feels like months if not more.

“Who would dare enter the treacherous and reckless urban world unless one is completely ruined?” — is an excerpt from a passage which I keep rereading from a book named ‘The Unhurried City’(!), an anthology on the city of Chennai.

So if I keep writing only about my romance with this city, it will be unfair considering it has been treating me (and also probably you) to a wider and tougher array of things. Firstly, I have been finding it hard to cope up to put the (sudden) wideness of my mental space to a proper utility. Time flies literally every day and I am more often than not, caught unaware of it happening. It’s like having to find a new way to bring the best out of me at work. A cup of tea doesn’t seem to have the same impact it used to. I hardly go to the same old playlist. The big city chaos is happening!

“Tough, but good” is probably what you heard from me after inquiring about how things have been since I moved to Chennai.

Yes, it feels tough but also lively.

While I am indeed finding it hard to put things into place off late, the satisfaction of managing to do it has been immense! I find myself brimming with energy or even humming a song embarrassingly at times in public spaces after a good work day even if it is a long one. In short, the challenges have become harder and the conclusions worthier.

It might take some time but I think I will find my way.

So put up with me @yuvaraj, @shreeguru and probably +23 others.

Originally published at www.divakarks.com on July 5, 2017.

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