Best and easy way to get subtitle

Finding a subtitle of the movie online is quite a tedious task of going through a lot of links. We tried to sort out some of the best links and techniques to help you better. So here is the best and easy way to get subtitle.

First We will share the web sites we mostly use and find doing a good job.


So these are websites you can go to type the movie name search through the result and can do a download. But what if you feel lazy to do it or you find difficulty in it. Then, here comes another way


So what’s this? these are the application made using subtitle API to reduce your stress. All you have to do drag and drop your video, then it will read that video name and go through search automatically. After the search, it will produce the sub files if it is able to find it in the subtitle database. All you have to do a single click to download it. Quite an easy task right

How does this work?

We calculate a special hash function from the provided video file. Which gets used to match against the subtitle file in the database. The video file name does not play any role in this process.
Although most of the time you will get a perfectly synchronized subtitle for your file sometimes our ranking algorithm can go wrong. In case that happens just choose a different file from the download dropdown.

In case you are interested in developing your own application based on the subtitle, this is the best place to start with

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