Let’s meet at the 2018 Provenance Summit

2 min readNov 20, 2018

We’re excited to announce that DIVAN.TV 2.0 will be speaking at the 2018 Provenance Summit at the Floating Island Convention Centre in Seoul, South Korea on November 20th from 9 am — 6 pm.

We invite you to attend DIVAN.TV 2.0 Founder and Member of the Board Andrew Kolodyuk’s panel discussion at 1:45 pm on The Future of the Entertainment Industry.

The panel will be moderated by Korea Crypto Social and Andrew will be joined by David Doepel (CEO, Demand Films), Patrice Poujol (Founder, Lumiere), and Jack Cheng (CMO Asia, Singular DTV).

Among other things, Andrew will discuss 1) how blockchain is set to disrupt the video advertising industry and why now’s the right time to jump on the bandwagon, 2) why intermediaries are costly for all parties and should be reduced, and 3) how the costly nature of intermediaries can be solved for through decentralization.

We feel there’s no better time to visit Seoul than now! The city is forward-thinking and recognizes the potential disruptive force of blockchain technology across industries.

As just one recent example, in October of this year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and mayor Park Won-soon announced a five-year plan to create an ecosystem that promotes blockchain development. This includes an investment of 100 billion won ($88 million USD) in more than a dozen blockchain projects spanning city administration, health care, voting, used car trading, charity funds, energy sharing, and more. And, as part of this plan, the city is also building a blockchain complex in the districts of Gaepo and Mapo, with plans to host approximately 200 companies and foster talents in the sector.

We’re honoured to have been invited to participate with Provenance Events, one of the first global blockchain product development events. It’s our hope that due to the intimate size of the event we will have an opportunity to speak with many members of the Korean blockchain communities, local businesses, and leaders in the space.




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