Amazing history of hair extensions

Human beings from time immemorial love to decorate themselves. Ancient civilizations used many fashion accessories which were used for decoration. Beads, deer skin, clips, brochures, scarfs, shells, conch, corals and whatever those available naturally and that which they deemed fit to decorate are used by them in ancient civilizations. Very odd materials are used to decorate and to appear beautiful. Though, the concept of beautification varies from culture to culture from country to country, the basic instinct has remained same for centuries. One can identify this trend easily among people when the excavations are carried out where the old civilizations existed. Even the leaves and flowers are used in the process. One major finding that still existed from that date to this date is Hair Extensions. Yes! It is so old and still existing, but in an improvised way. No wonder people love to appear glamorous and sexy, and beautiful.

Coming to the history of the hair extension, I still remember when people used to visit each and every house to collect the fallen hair. Housewives are elderly women collected all the fallen hair in a cover or container and they sell to these buyers of a negligible amount. Even though, it appears negligible, one cannot underestimate the hair industry and its business. India sells human hair more than any other country in the international market. The culture and traditional rituals where Indian offers their hairs as a part of worshipping ritual made it as a big market.

The real human hair extensions are very high in demand. They are in continuous demand for centuries. However, modern method of preservation, cleaning and presenting the hair extensions improvised a lot and it is really tough to find out when the human hair extension is used. Human beings and their instincts are same wherever they are, irrespective of their place and origin. The demand still is there, and people appreciate when they can get a good hair extension of their choice. No need to say anything about wigs, they are always in demand due to various reasons across the globe.
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