Three Perfect Diving Sites for You When You Visit Phuket

Thailand is one of the nations with diversities. The tourism in Thailand is popular for various aspects. One of the aspects is scuba diving like by a large number of people. The scuba diving is an excellent adventure water sport, which is popular across the globe. Thailand is supposed to be one of the best destinations for this purpose. Apart from this, some other allied sports are also widely popular these days, such as snorkeling and surfing.

There are a number of destinations in Thailand, where you can go for diving. Phuket is unquestionably the most popular place in this nation, where people go for diving. A number of diving sites are available in or nearby Phuket. PADI is also active here. PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. This is an international level institution, which provides the diving courses with certification. On the other hand, the diving instructors by this institution teach the basic level diving to the tourists also.

Here are three of the best diving sites in Phuket, or nearby this province.

Anesome Reef: This is a unique dive site with a huge lime-stone pinnacle, which soars 30 meters up from the seafloor to just underneath the surface. Then, it abruptly ends and drops back to a bottom or oyster shells and sand. This is the barely submerged reef, which is perfectly known for shipping hazards. It is located less than a mile north of another dive destination named Shark Point. In Thai, this place is known as Hin Jom, which means underwater rock. This site is not as colorful as the Shark Point, but this site is popular for its vast fields of seas anemones, which cline got every conceivable surface. They swing and sway with the current that creates an illusion of it being a big living rock.

Shark Point: The Shark Point diving is also widely popular these days. Shark Point is part of a Marine Sanctuary. It is one of the most popular of the local dive sites. It is named after the docile Leopard Sharks, which you can often encounter resting on the sandy seafloor. It has an official Thai name also, which is Hin Musang or ‘Shark Rock’. It is approached from the sea shark point, which appears as a tiny rock that outcrops of no particular interest. But, underneath the surface, a vast multicolored reef is teeming with aquatic life.

Similan Islands: Similan Islands include group of islands located in Andaman Sea. It is located in Phang Nga district and 84 km northwest of bustling crowd of Phuket. The Similan Island diving is one of the most popular today. The liveaboard diving experience in Similan Islands is amazing. In this type of diving, you stay on liveaboard overnight and go for diving in the morning. It allows you to go for diving from in-between the sea and explore more diverse marine life.

There are many other such places in or near Phuket, where you can go for diving. In order to make a diving trip to Phuket or other parts of Thailand, you need to contact the travel agency or the diving operators. You can contact them easily today from any part of the world on their internet sites.