New SSRS (Reporting Service)SQL Server 2016

After many years without changes and a community claiming for new features and improvements, SSRS 2016 arrives with a profound renewal. These changes are related to improvements on the classic product and the integration of new tools acquired in the last time, as DATAZEN.

The main new features are:

New SSRS Portal with modern design and support for KPI, mobile reports, paginated reports, Excel and Power BI Desktop.

You can download the mobile report publisher from the web portal and the report generator with ClickOnce technology as we used to do with Report Builder.

Now you can personalize the web portal with the look-and-feel of your company, just by changing some files (color.json, metada.xml y logo.png). You can accomplish this using Branding

The most exciting feature is the appearance of Mobile Reports. These reports can access to a lot of data sources include SSAS and relational databases too. There we can use amazing graphs, treemaps and maps.

Improvement in reports: in this item have many anticipated changes.

- New viewer engine based in HTML5

- Report with modern design and pagination

- New graphic types like sun rays and treemap

- You can export to Power Point Presentation

- The viewer component ActiveX is replaced by PDF exporting thus achieving compatibility with all browsers

By: Marcelo Fassi

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