Significant Learning

My significant learning experience used to be every year when in summer holidays we were given homework to practically implement our ideas in the form of science models, creative art ideas, planting a tree etc. During my childhood, I was always enthusiastic about doing all such kind of stuff where I was free to think, create, implement and thus learn from all this at the end. I really appreciate this kind of learning where kids are encouraged to think freely, get ideas into their mind and then motivated to bring them into reality. It creates a proper channel for students to educate themselves by doing things in actual rather than just cramming and writing it back in exams. This kind of activity also ensures that they remember the stuff for longer time. I, myself can recall those projects which I made myself more easily than the theoretical stuff I studied back say 10 years ago. I found my parents also very helpful which again was a motivational factor for me to keep learning the practical way.

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