Diversified Companies — Don’t Sell Insurance For These People

Don’t sell insurance for these people, but sell it for their families. The Diversified Companies Final Expense program is absolutely worth being enrolled in because of the coverage it provides. For a life insurance policy, you will be spending x amount of month to be covered for thousands. Life insurance isn’t something to be pissed or angry about, it’s actually a necessity that will save you thousands of dollars when the time comes to plan a funeral.

People don’t realize how stressful and angry planning a funeral can become. Without including the cost of the funeral itself, you will have to answer dozens of questions on behalf of the deceased and it will leave you without the opportunity to actually mourn the death of your loved one. Their licensed Final Expense agents make sure that they can sit down with each and every family they make appointments with to fully help them plan out exactly what to expect for a funeral when it unfortunately happens.

How do the Final Expense agents know who’s house to go to? Families are sent mail-in cards informing them of the unfortunate low amount of $255 that Social Security would cover you as their Final Expense benefit. These cards are then filled out with the name of the senior who is interested in finding out information regarding a Final Expense life insurance program and mail them back to Diversified Companies’ office. Their leads are people who are genuinely interested in finding out more information about life insurance.

Why enroll in life insurance? Is it a business scam that should be ignored? On average, a funeral costs between $8,000-$12,000. Without any life insurance, guess who’s responsible to pay that cost: you. When the unfortunate day comes by where Uncle David passed away and you have the funeral planned, are you going to inform their life insurance company of their passing or are you going to put the bill on your credit card? You’ll be remembering Uncle David every month for a few years + interest in monthly payments.

Everyone deserves to mourn for their loved ones, and that’s what Diversified is there to do; they want to alleviate the stress and baggage that comes with planning a funeral and make the experience as simple as possible for everyone. They truly believe in “Positively Impacting Lives”.