Dahab diving: although beautiful there are signs of reef damage, mainly due to the sea temperature being too high from global warming.

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Dive Spot goes to Egypt (more backpacking style)… after much thinking and changing our mind we decided to send Dive Spot to The Red Sea. Why?

It’s close to Europe, so cheaper flights. 165 euros plus 30 for my dive gear. Single ticket with Pegasus Airlines via Istanbul.

Also it has fantastic diving! There is a large variety of sealife from Dolphins, to sharks and beautiful coral. It’s cheap!

An average night in Dahab for example costs 200 Egyptian pounds or 10 euros for your own basic room. You can even go cheaper if you stay in a dorm or a camping place. …

I was recently walking and camping along the Santiago Compostello along the Northern Coast of Spain. One day, in Zumaia, I left my tent and luggage on a beach in the day. When I returned it had been swept out to sea. Never to be seen again. See more here https://www.instagram.com/bensmithadventures

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Where I was visiting in Zumaia, Basque Country


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