Americans Working For The Russian Troll Factory

Divest Trump
Nov 20, 2018 · 3 min read

As a follow up to my previous article on election law violations and possible sanction violations involving USA Really, the Russian troll factory Internet Research Agency backed disinformation site, I looked into the people contributing to the website. Since the website does not offer a page that lists all authors and contributors like many reputable sites do, I took a peek at the REST API the site uses on the back end.

After creating a list of known authors, I used search engines and reverse image searches to learn more about them. I suppose it’s no surprise that a website targeting Americans also employs them, but I wonder if these authors are aware of sanctions and their duty to register as foreign agents.

Many of these authors have worked for other propaganda websites, which is likely how they were introduced to USA Really. The reason I share this is because some of these authors have also worked for reputable news organizations.

The data below is in no particular order and will likely be updated over time.

USA Really Authors

Jafe Arnold

Polish journalist, educated in Netherlands.

Founder of

Eric Zuesse

American author.

Joaquin Flores

Mexican-American ex-pat journalist.

Luis Lázaro Tijerina

Mexican-American journalist.

Andrew Korybko

Russian journalist.

Walt Garlington

American journalist, white nationalist.

K. E. Benois


P.D. Corday


Pradeep Banerjee

Indian journalist.

Phil Butler

American journalist.

Dean Henderson

American conspiracy theorist.

Jeffrey Silverman

American ex-pat with a grudge against the US government (aka Jeffrey K Silverman).

Fernando Antonio Martinez Arauxo

Venezuelan journalist (aka Manuel Miranda). (older)

Manuel Miranda

Venezuelan journalist (aka Fernando Antonio Martinez Arauxo). (older)

Alexander Azadgan

Iranian. Senior geopolitical analyst with Iran’s Press TV, Russia’s Radio Sputnik (English & Persian desk), China’s CCTV (CGTN America).

John Stachelski

Russian PhD candidate at Yale. (banned)

Richard Caldwell

American blogger.

Cranston Ramirez-Knight

American community college history professor, articles have been pulled.

Jesse Dominick

Russian, American educated, 34 years old.

El Duende


Christine Petrova


Alexander Georges Kini

??? Syrian/Russian?

Alfredo Miranda

Mexican journalist, articles have been pulled.



Winston Smith


John Raven

Articles have been pulled.

Chris Frazier


Pye Ian

Russian propagandist.

Seraphim Hanisch

American living in Russia.

Video Only

Contributors that have only contributed video content.

Caleb Maupin

American Journalist.

Colin Campbell

American journalist.

Susan Modaress

American journalist.

Marcelo Sánchez

American journalist.

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