#MyAgileUniverse is #YourAgileUniverse

Why am I here? hmmm. I believe I have been here for a while.. nop, no, not really. My presence ,did you even feel it? To be honest, for the past months I was just here observing, checking out, reading stories ( just like what I do in wattpad wink wink! ) and I figured, oh yeah, indeed this is a nice “virtual stop by place” to read, and I really mean that. Do you believe me?

Anyways, today , I decided to write a piece ( a short one if I may ) about me. Ready? Ok.

So first allow me to professionally introduce my present self. But for the purpose of NDAs and what not , I would tweak some info here for your pleasure. I hope that is alright.

So Hi, I am DivGrace , I’m an Agile learner and practitioner and have spent around 100 / 10 x 1 years in the IT industry engaged mostly on business solutions development and project management and is now currently pursuing opportunities to help teams / organizations towards becoming agile.

My first exposure to the Agile Practice was .. around 2000 x 1.0055; when I joined XYZ Practice in AB as a Technology Consultant, back at a time when the team was organized into scrum teams developing and supporting Microsoft Projects and Solutions for their clients across the globe.

Today, the XYZ Practice in ABC is supporting the development and customization of “awesome ” products and services, and I am very grateful to the Agile Engineering Methodology, as without it, I won’t be able to start up and build up a team of “awesomely capable practitioners” for two years.

With that said, I think I’m here to give back. Yes, .. Yes, to whatever means. But I am not a writer , but .. let’s see.

“If you get give. If you learn, teach ” — Maya Angelou