How is being Agile, being agile ?

I know the question is confusing, or even absurd. But for some reason I asked this myself haven’t you? . Please don’t ask me why, but yes I googled it. I came across a bunch of articles like “Doing agile vs. being Agile” and the ever famous article “Agile is dead ! “ .. Enough said. But today, as I was searching for the answers for this, I remembered #Spotify and what I learned from them a few years ago, how they were and how continuously they tried to experiment with a lot of things in order to improve. I’d like to share this with you today as when I first watched a video about their engineering culture almost three years ago, I cannot absorb everything but I feel that right now?? A lot of things really make sense.

Sharing with you top 3 things that sticked with me today:

  1. Enable > Serve
  2. Trust > Control
  3. Community > Structure

Now I am not going to explain the reason why , but if you have time, I really recommend for you to watch, listen , learn and re- learn from Spotify’s Engineering Culture Part 1 and tell me, if their #agilestory can perhaps give an answer to my question “How is being agile , being agile? “ I want to know your thoughts. :)

Happy First Friday the 13th #AgileCommunity ! :)