What are you?

It’s 2017 , year of the fire rooster. If you are Chinese and you happen to believe in the element theory , your birth year’s zodiac sign and element has a direct relationship with your character. So if you were born on the year 1957 or you’re a baby inside set to come out this year, then your year’s zodiac sign and element says that you are or you should be a “ trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work” person. Now I am asian but not Chinese so I am not 100% sure about this belief or the purpose of this belief but I really find it amusing that such belief exists that if I was a Chinese, I would say, “Oh, I need not to decide of what I should be or what to think about myself because my birth year have already decided for it “ . But on the other hand, I find this belief very useful because not every person I know or at least have known can really tell what they think about themselves or what they have decided on becoming . And as a a matter of interest, how many of “us” have tried asking ourselves this question “ What am I ? “ and was able get the answer right?

Ok, stop! This post is not about life. This post is supposed to be about #Agile . So this year, in line with my #OneBlankAMonth goal on my social media postings (that includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Medium ) , I have decided to commit myself to sharing one agile story every month. And this month I want not just to share but to allow you , on your own phase to share your thoughts as well. In this way, we can learn together , perhaps , challenge each other or perhaps, get bored with each other. So, see you on the next post?


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