The Feminist Spirit

This is an era to give equality a chance. The 1920s marked a monumental moment for women when they finally obtained the right to vote. Our voices began to be heard. In addition to having a say, we made progress in the workforce, household, and defied the classic role of motherhood. In the last 97 years, women have gained the freedom to plan when they have children as well as when to pursue a career. In the workforce, more women occupy positions previously assigned only to men. Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo, Cristina Kirchner was the former president of Argentina, and Sonia Sotomayor is a justice of the Supreme Court. All of these changes have led to a shift in ideology. Women are no longer perceived as solely caregivers. Of course, many girls still want to be mothers, but they have a choice to decide when in their lives they will have children. Society no longer forces this idea that women should stay at home to clean, serve, and endure. Yet, there is much to be done to reach gender equality. Women are paid less than men, and they are subject to stereotypes. The media perpetuates labels to define the image of a “perfect woman” when it is nonexistent. A thick brunette is as perfect as a thin blonde, but it is ultimately our choice to make this known. If we want to have equal pay and not be targets of society’s judgment, then it is necessary to reignite our 1920s spirit to step out of the boundaries that prevent women growth. This is why feminism needs to stay alive. We have the power to voice our thoughts, so we should channel it towards change.

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