I am a Millennial.

Thanks to the invention of the internet, I grew up looking for answers. Google has an extremely broad and vast history my of daily wonderments. In one day, I have the ability to channel my inner Christina Yang (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) to self diagnose an ailment and I can become a botanist, expert on the care of indoor plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fern. Thanks to Google, I have knowledge in the palm of my hands. I live in an era of the highest increase in education. Knowledge is now a universal right.

We hear of economic behavior because as a results driven society, we have analytics to calculate growth. Statistical data shows what’s trending. When the media first reported on our economic behaviors the situation seemed kind of embarrassing. Statistics showed that after college, the Millennial generation moved back home. Despite coming to an age of financial stability, Millennials still aren’t buying homes. Instead we’re known to spend on experiences.

My generation is frugal about purchases and therefore often get blamed for low economic growth. In our defense, we’re still recovering from the market crash of 2008. An event that marked the quintessential break down of several systems in place. Small negative behaviors multiply. In 2008, the system failed the people.

Food is needed for survival however access to good quality food has become a huge issue. I’ve grown up being influenced by the power of documentaries that start movements. Watching documentaries like Food Inc has been eye opening. I reassessed my eating habits after knowing that my purchases perpetuated everything wrong about food and politics. I was stunned by how food become manipulated and exploited. I grew up at a time when world events urged me to question systems.

Society has been forever changed by advancements in technology. Millennials are guinea pigs for social media, a social experiment on better means of connection. With the advent of social media, the world began to have a pulse. Rebellions have even sparked on Facebook. As more instances of inequality rise, one starts to wonder, who controls the information we receive in the first place.

I began to pay attention to politics after September 11, 2001. The Washington Post reported that 24 million Millennials voted for the 2016 elections. Millennials have ramped up their political engagement. My significant other serves for the Armed Forces allowing me to experience a spectrum of perspectives. It’s allowed me to gain a deeper understanding on the reasons behind the polarization of politics.

By being critical about what to support, Millennials are socially, politically, economically, and environmentally conscious. I’m conscious about the vote of purchasing power. As my generation matures, we have become increasingly curious about investments including food, lifestyle, and time. We are in pursuit of longer and better fulfilled lives. I’m writing to begin a kickoff on a new direction on the value of experiences. My hope is to have discussions and to lean and learn from others.