The most valuable thing I’ve learned (so far) in 2017

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Every year, we give ourselves a chance to restart our lives. Our health, relationships, and our beings. So we make an oath to ourselves on January 1st. That this year will be different. Assuming you’re bogged down by an old tired version of you. Flocks hit the gym en masse, until it dwindles down to just the regulars.

In the past, my issue was impart of this vital flaw in my system. I never measured growth. I assumed change was this automatic thing that just falls on your lap without really trying. But the truth is, to have goals takes grit and discipline, and experimentation. If you’re a feeler, it makes goals even harder to achieve. But this year I measured by starting a journal.

So in the moments where I felt inspired about my journey I wrote down my goals, struggles, dreams and desires. My version of things and it’s brought me closer to my voice. Read How to find your voice here.

In turn, I’ve grown so much as a person and it inspires me to pass along the knowledge. Of this small changes that ripples outwardly in life and brings me closer to the truest me.

The biggest lesson I’ve learn this year is self realization.

While I was soul searching I accidentally stumble upon a connection with a bigger meaning in life. The MBTI test fell into my lap after a year of travel and it unraveled my eyes into a bigger picture. Why didn’t I know about this test sooner? It’s been around for ages.

Taking my personality test is the most valuable thing I did for myself this year. The truth is our time is spent stuck wrapped up in jobs we don’t want to do. I believe that it is completely okay, to stop your world in it’s axis and step away from it all in what ever capacity you can. I encourage you to self evaluate your life at different points to measure your growth. Then celebrate how far you’ve come. Align your self with who you are and what you do will follow suit.

Call to Action

Take your MBTI personality test to find out more about your being. There are 16 different personality types in the world.

16 different but similar motivations and views on life. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re different it’s because you are. In your own beautiful and unique way. I encourage everyone I love to take this quick questionnaire that opens your eyes to your truest self.

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