How I Detect Trolls (in Discord)

Asea Akram

I run an Islamic learning religion server, that in itself will probably reveal the kind of audience the server attracts. Along with various learners, it brings in trolls, and also those who spam pictures that are not even legal (child pornography, for example).

My server has a specific channel where new members join. There is no other channel for them to enter and so they can only view the Rules and that specific channel then can enter which is called the Welcome channel. Most of the trolls and raiders end up leaving the server due to this lock down, but the remaining post will discuss the kind of trolls who are adamant in their task.

How do I detect trolls:

Firstly, I rely on my gut-feeling. Trolls have this typical mindset and way of speaking.

Due to the segregation of channels in my server, most trolls are actually males who pretend to be women. My defense is to ask for them to join voice chat. Just this request has revealed more trolls to me than actual females.

Secondly, the way trolls type tends to be broken or twisted. They will always make some kind of mistake or reveal something that would arouse suspicion. Trust that suspicion and always observe them.

Thirdly, there are different kind of trolls. Some trolls joined the server by behaving properly and THEN did their action of spamming. Some are trolls who just joined, acted normally throughout, invited friends over and THEN did their bombing.

It’s hard to detect those who speak properly, mainly because you cannot see through truth. It’s just there. However, I did learn how to deal with it.

How I deal with trolls:

It’s no use talking sense, in my opinion, to someone who is unwilling to listen.

They join merely to cause havoc and annoy you, so the best I can do is not give them what they want. I just act the opposite of what they expect.

I often get jokes saying, “Can I join ISIS?” And while this question can easily enrage many, I refuse to let it enrage me. Hence, I troll them back or just don’t bother responding at all. It’s frustrating, and it’s not worth it.

I used to be one who’d get angry over these matters, but truly, you cannot put sense where it’s not welcomed.

I’d recommend not wasting your energy, unless you are truly interested in the psychology of such individuals, and to just block or troll them back to such degrees that they stop talking to you together.


Just because someone is a non-Muslim, it doesn’t make them a troll. The kind of troll you can get from fellow Muslims can be just as devastating. The same way, just because someone has a common interest, it doesn’t mean they’re safe.

Stay alert for signs and for things that do not add up.

Peace be upon you!

Asea Akram

Written by

Accountant, gamer, and much more. I intend to write based on my experience and hope it helps out. Yes, that is Lunafreya in my picture.

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