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It’s not veganism that relies upon capitalism, it’s meat-eating, or at least the intensive meat-eating that we see in developed nations.

Most pre-capitalist societies (barring those that live in extreme climactic conditions) ate a predominantly plant-based diet, with occasional animal products. It is only with the rise of capitalism that came the absolute horrors of the factory-farming industry that has enabled people to eat meat 3x a day, every day.

The meat industry is also destroying the planet while exacerbating food injustices (takes many more resources to produce meat than it does plant-based food). It’s meat eaters who are therefore the privileged ones.

You wrote: “Good luck to the remaining hunter-gatherer tribes who now must stick exclusively to gathering.” Really, vegans are stopping hunter-gatherer tribes from hunting? Please show me where this is happening.

Please do your research before writing such articles.

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