Introduction to Divine Inu

When Divine Inu was in the design phase, we had the ambition to create a token that maximizes growth and continuously reflects what our Divine community want to take the project.

Our central focus while developing the project is driven by how we can bring the most long-term value to our $DIVINE holders.

Our vision has not changed since the early days of theory-crafting, the goal stays the same, the making of a fantastic project that we hope will live on for many years to come.

Divine Inu is created for and with the community.

Our investors can take part in shaping the organization by using the multifaceted Divine Inu token to vote on future product development and contracts.

Any innovative idea can be put forward and made into reality with our DAO ambitions due to the absence of hierarchical structures.

In the course of the project, Divine Inu will derive its value from a variety of sources, but will be driven primarily by the community, technology, and our fund

In due course, we will present our vision in greater detail.

There is no doubt that to some, #DIVINE will be nothing more than a meme coin, and in a sense, I suppose they are correct — However, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

/JJW, on behalf of the Divine Inu team.





A project battling the bounds of reality between the metaverse and the universe.

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Divine Inu

Divine Inu

A project battling the bounds of reality between the metaverse and the universe.

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