NFT’s — ideas, thoughts and communication.

Divine Inu,

This is an endeavor that is constantly being improved, remade, scrapped, and redefined to find new or better ways to increase earning for its community. The goal of the project is to explore current and, in some cases, old trends and adopt those to the requirements of the crypto industry.

NFT, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are specialized tokens that are not interchangeable and provide ownership rights and proof of uniqueness to real-world assets they are tethered to. Such digital proof of ownership instruments can be used for digitizing anything from airplane tickets to tangible goods, ensuring their sole ownership by the holder of the tokens.

Divine Inu will be providing its community with the ability to acquire NFTs.

Holders can obtain them very simply — by staking our native tokens, or buying them at an auction. Detailed instructions on how the staking mechanisms necessary for obtaining the Divine NFTs will be provided further down the line, along with the partnership reveal.

A total of 101 Divine Inu NFTs will be created during the project’s life, 50 of which will be sold and 50 that will be available through staking and farming.

The NFT’s will have the same (well — pretty much the same) redistribution mechanics as the native token itself, were 9% of the value of any future trades will go straight back into the contract as a royalty payout — to be used for further development of the Divine Inu project.

We have decided to take a little side-step from the current meta of the NFT market where the projects create a standard template with randomly generated accessories, All 101 Divine Inu NFTs that will be minted will be handmade (1 already minted for display purposes and can be found here Divine Inu — Limited NFT collection.

As a owner of the limited edition NFT, the investor will have access to the exclusive telegram channel where he/she can participate in private sales, seed rounds, giveaways, and receive merchandise that the regular holder cannot.

I hope you all look forward to further comminication surrounding these topics.

Also, the Divine Inu team wish you all;

Happy Hanukkkah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa or if you prefer — Happy holidays.




A project battling the bounds of reality between the metaverse and the universe.

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Divine Inu

Divine Inu

A project battling the bounds of reality between the metaverse and the universe.

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