What the Democrats are doing right now is comparable to a 3 year old having a hissy fit because he…

“A 3 year old having a hissy fit”? Is THAT what a sit-in is called? I gotta check my history book.

I recall sit-ins being used as peaceful protests that brought about the attention and ultimate action that ended segregation. So John Lewis was “a 3 year old having a hissy fit” when he sat in and demanded to be served in a whites only establishment? Was Rosa Parks a “3 year old having a hissy fit” when she refused to give her bus seat to a white man? What did you call it when MLK and his supporters were marching UP THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET to demand people of color be given the right to vote? Were they a “group of 3 years olds throwing tantrums in the street”? Are these methods disruptive? ABSOLUTELY. Have we forgotten that they are supposed to be disruptive! Marches weren’t contained to sidewalks and traffic laws. Sit-ins weren’t contained to a quiet part of an establishment during business hours. Peaceful protests are intended to be peaceful, but NEVER comfortable or convenient.

It’s one thing to disagree with the CAUSE. There are many points to debate when it comes to gun control. But to insult the METHOD is to insult a very effective way of protest that has brought about sweeping reform throughout the history of this nation and the world — including your right to vote as a woman, Margaret.

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