I did not approve. But
And you get your information on who the “vast majority of Trump voters” are from what source?
Alison Swain

Clearly you did. That is evident in that you not only because you supported him, but actually think there is a “but” to it. It should’ve been “I did not approve, PERIOD.” Do not pass go, do not collect $200. The fact anyone still listened to him after he blatantly spewed racist and sexist language is proof of a divide that goes down deep into our souls, corrupting our values and misdirecting our priorities. It shouldn’t matter if you agreed 100% of his policies. Racist and sexist language should have been a deal breaker. It should have made us stop listening IMMEDIATELY. But it goes to show what we as a nation are willing to overlook for our own selfish means. That’s not Obama or Hillary’s fault. That’s on EVERY PERSON who voted for Trump, excusing his hateful language with a “but…” (insert how you’ll selfishly gain here).

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