You’re full of shit.
Epoche Husserl

Ever hear of the legendary court case “The Regents of the University of California v Bakke.” Look it up. In its ruling, the Supreme Court bluntly says that strict racial quotas are unconstitutional — reiterating a prior ruling from 1978 that said the same thing (in that ruling, the Supreme Court said schools could not use a quota system that provided a specified number of minorities). However, the court has also said in multiple rulings throughout the years (ranging from 1978 on up to 2003 or so) that the scope and purpose of affirmative action does not fall under the definition of a specified quota system. One area of proof: the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action are white women, as gender is often the top consideration point.

Let’s end the discussion here. Calling me “full of shit” is not only an unnecessary, disrespectful personal attack when I have been respectful towards you in trying to understand your point. Furthermore, it makes no sense when I can provide MULTIPLE legal rulings to back up what I’m saying. Sounds like you need to take up your issues with your local congressman. That will be way more effective than calling me names.

And again, this is COMPLETELY off topic. What does this have to do with respecting the method of a peaceful sit-in? What does this have to do with gun control? You have yet to explain what throwing books, standing on desks, smearing poop, threatening you, and not studying have to do with a peaceful sit-in or gun control. It seems like you just looked for someone to start insulting, and it’s just not necessary.

I come on here to have respectful discussion and pointed, relevant debate. This is neither.

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