So if you are too stupid to pass a test pick up the book and throw it at the white man?
Epoche Husserl

I don’t know what you are talking about.

I’m talking about remembering the role and method of peaceful protest (like sit-ins and marches) throughout history.

I don’t know where passing tests, the white man, or anything else in your rant came from. This thread is talking about a sit-in over gun control. I was saying even if you disagree with the CAUSE (gun control), one should respect the METHOD (sit-ins), as that has been a peaceful method that brought about major change in our country (like sweeping civil rights legislation). Without sit-ins, marches, and other peaceful protests, many necessary changes (like eliminating segregation) would’ve been EXTREMELY delayed, if implemented at all.

I don’t know where throwing books or smearing poop came from (as neither are peaceful nor related to what I was talking about). I didn’t hear anything from those participating in the sit-in about studying, white supremacy or throwing anything at the white man. Sounds like you’re angry about something that I am missing and belongs in another thread.

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