But it’s perfectly fine for YOU to tell ME how to feel.

No I never told you how to feel. Where did I tell you what to feel?

Why can’t people just disagree with someone else’s experience without belittling it (by calling it a delusion)? I’m pretty sure you know this, but calling someone else’s experience a delusion is a condescending, dismissive way of telling someone it didn’t happen, it wasn’t real, that they made it up, and questioning their mental or emotional state. All that does is put people on the defensive, and nothing gets resolved or addressed. But then again, when using such insulting language, it may not be the goal to resolve but actually to offend. Only you know your intent when choosing such words. I don’t read minds.

IMO having a different experience is similar to how we can all see the same account of events but recall different details, and go thru different thoughts or feelings while watching. That doesnt make any of us delusional, just different. Again, that’s me expressing my OPINION. It’s not telling you what to feel. You can disagree all you want. I thought this was a forum for expressing our views.

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