No, not unusual at all and the Confederacy was not treasonous.
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  1. The Civil War was about the right to own slaves — albeit for economic means, but still WRONG. That can be dressed up 3000 ways but it was still rooted in the desire to hold slaves. That’s wrong. I notice you ignored the writings and speeches of Confederate leaders and the language in the Confederate’s constitution about declaring the superiority of white men. That can also be dressed up to sound cute, but it is also WRONG. You can try to blame me for reading that and — GASP — daring to see that as racist and wrong. But why am I to ignore that? Why should ANYBODY with common decency?

The difference between the memorials you name is that they weren’t erected IN the nations who defeated us. Likewise we don’t have memorials to the Japanese or German leaders or soldiers and war heroes here. Guess why? Because WE DEFEATED THEM. I’m sure they have their own memorials IN THEIR OWN LAND. But we have no reason to honor them or wave their flags here. HUGE difference. Nice try though.

2. Was simply answering your question. And those angry folks had a right to be angry if you know anything about what their leaders put them through. And while I want to see the statues put in museums where their context can be discussed, given that many were erected to intimidate civil rights workers and those who opposed segregation (which my parents went thru), I understand communities being pretty offended and angry.

If the Confederacy had fought for YOUR enslavement (for economic reasons) and the writings and speeches of its leaders talked about your inferiority, and its founding documents tried to declare it, would YOU be fighting for its leaders to be honored and have memorials all over the place? How would YOU feel if any attempt at you saying “hey! Their ideologies about my being inferior and built to be a slave were racist and NOT honorable!” were ignored or dismissed with “you’re just choosing to see racism, they were heroes!”? How would you feel if people acted like the problem is YOU for being scholarly and doing the research, and REFUSING to ignore beliefs that go against our nation’s motto and declare you as inferior? Something tells me you would view it differently.

I never know if I’m more disgusted by the racist Confederate beliefs, the fact that folks try to revere the people who wrote, said and attempted to enforce them, how people try to conveniently skip over the racist language in the Confederate documents in an attempt to make it sound cute and heroic, or that people try to act like it’s unpatriotic or stupid to NOT skip over them and actually be offended. It baffles me this is where we are over 150 years later.

I think if everyone put themselves in someone else’s shoes, we could all resolve this more peacefully and compassionately. Heck, I think if the Confederacy tried to fight for the use of white slaves or white inferiority this wouldn’t even be a damn discussion.

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