The people who apply “white privilege” to a Cuban American in a Latin American nation are wrong.
John Chacho

This is the reason why I say this is going down a whole other thread. I don’t 100% agree that those who apply “white privilege” to a Cuban American in a Latin American nation are wrong. Latin America has its own issues with race and class that are quite complex across the various nations, some of it running parallel with US issues (e.g. history with slavery re: Portugal shipping enslaved Angolans to Brazil), and some related to their own inter-cultural and international dynamics and clashes. It’s way too complex to summarize here. I’ll just say that race and skin color are issues across Latin America.

I do think Donald Trump’s slogan is a mix of Reagan — -AND Nixon. And there’s a reason Reagan and Nixon weren’t popular among black people either. Remember Reagan’s Neshoba County speech? Or Nixon basing much of his campaign strategy on rallying whites who were upset about the advances of civil rights legislation, promising to “Make America Great Again”? Again, too long to go into here (and quite off topic…I do not want to hijack this thread out of respect of the author of the original article). But the language used across all of those campaigns is eerily similar. And the last poll showed Trump tracking at just above 0% among African-Americans.

I have said repeatedly (across multiple social media platforms) that Donald Trump’s candidacy is officially a call to character for our nation. It is appalling that nearly half of our nation is supporting a man who has not only said blatantly racist things, but has ties to racism over the years (facing discriminatory housing citations in NYC throughout the 80s, being involved in the Central Park 5 debacle, his father’s recorded attendance at a KKK rally, etc). These are all on record. I personally remember the Central Park 5. So yes, I find Donald Trump to be at the very least EXTREMELY racially insensitive. And I would question anyone who overlooks everything I listed above as minor.

I don’t know where you are getting I am making judgments on the minds of other people. I am solely observing how the public (and the media) lump people together based on skin color, completely ignoring the diaspora of ethnicities and nationalities that can be at play…not to mention the actual character of the people involved. I don’t agree with it (I’ve been on the receiving end of it in many parts of the world and was quick to correct), but I acknowledge it happens. I thought that was the point of this article: that in this Rio scandal, people looked at Ryan Lochte, saw a white man from America, and treated him accordingly. I saw NOT ONE media outlet that made even one recognition about his heritage. I don’t know how that observation turned into ANYTHING personal about me.

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