No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

To those of you who are mocking or labeling this sit-in as a “childish tantrum” or “ploy for attention”: I suggests all of you pick up a history book. Sit-ins and other forms of peaceful protests have played key roles in our nation’s (and our world’s) history in gaining the attention and momentum to bring about sweeping reforms. Are they inconvenient? Yes. Disruptive? Yes. But here’s a secret many tend to miss: THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.

Civil rights marches weren’t confined to sidewalks and traffic laws. MLK wasn’t looking both ways before crossing the street. Rosa Parks didn’t look around and see if she was disrupting anyone’s evening commute before refusing to give up her bus seat. John Lewis didn’t confine his anti-segregation sit-ins to a small corner of an establishment as to not disrupt business. All of these actions — forms of peaceful protest — were disruptive, yet gained the attention needed to take the conversation to a larger stage. And many of us are walking, talking results.

If you want to disagree with the CAUSE, that’s fine. Gun control is a complicated mess. But to insult the METHOD is ungratefully dismissing the very ways that many of us on this platform gained our very civil rights.

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