IA#5: Honor Thy Father

Honor thy Father is an official enrty in Metro Manila Film Festival 2015. It is directed by Erik Matti, the same man behind On the Job. It received awards from MMFF and PMPC.

1. The religion in the film is called Churh of Yeshua. It tries to convince people to believe in Yeshua who is said to be their savior and provider. It fools people to be a believer to give donations to the church. However, the supposed to be donations for the church were used by few people for their personal interests. The believers of the said religion scared Edgar and Kaye that their daughter will be hurt once they weren’t able to pay their debts. They also broke into the couple’s house, assaulted Edgar and get everything they can from the house as a payment. The religion somehow gives hope to the couple during desperation at least for the wife but not with Edgar. The couple treated religion as their last resort so when they feel that their religion can’t help them it leads Edgar to think of doing illegal things. He badly wanted to solve his problem so he did it in his own way for his family is at stake. It triggered Edgar to do things that are against his own belief and principle.

2. The people in the movie praise the god called Yeshua; somehow it gives off an ambiance of a cult. The people became fanatic and believed that Yeshua will provide everything they need. They praise Yeshua through singing songs and giving donations. The minister/bishop convinces people that through their donations they will be saved and be forgiven.

3. The film has outstanding storyline, plot, actors and director. The movie bravely touched different issues in our society today that people often ignore. It was an eye-opener to us, Filipinos. It was a very socially relevant movie. It addressed issues such as religion, poverty, relationship and family. Crimes like robbery, child and woman abuse, bullying, illegal selling of firearms and scams were also included. The actors and actresses portrayed and handled the characters well that made an impact to its audience. The actor, John Llyod, gave justice to the character of Edgar which I think is one of the strength of the movie. There’s a particular scene that left a huge impact on me and that is when Edgar shaved his head to sympathize with his daughter. That scene reminds me of my father whose only dream is to see his children successful someday. Indeed, a father can do everything and anything for the sake of his family even if it will be against his will and principle. Moreover, the scene where Edgar and his mother reconciled with the rest of the family left an impression as well. It shows that at the end of the day when people left us alone, the best and only place to go is to our family. It shows a mother’s love for her child which is very touching. I think the director was able to portray and to show the essence of the story which is truly incredible. This movie is a masterpiece that Filipinos should be proud of.