As a wise friend once said “Free your mind” I’ve come to find that phrases like “free the nip”, “free my friend”, “free thy loved ones”, and “free the freedom” no longer have as great of an impact on my mind itself. We are raised to be in a sense ordinary, bland, fit to conform in a society well with others. Yet our minds ability to do just that so well is an example of how great it is.

So why not let it go out of the boundaries? There are pros and cons to both sides of that question. Easily argued by A. The consequences that can happen or B. The fact that you just don’t know how. Now don’t get me wrong. Saying that you don’t know how isn’t a bad thing. Some people are just comfortable in the boundaries of their mind.

Being comfortable within your own self is amazing. There are a lot of people who like to push the boundaries though. These people are also known as thrill seekers, the modern hippie, daredevils. They all find ways to open their minds in a different aspects. A thrill seeker might try and go paragliding or kayak over a waterfall. A hippie might take some acid or do magic mushrooms. And a daredevil is someone who probably just doesn’t say no to any challenge that might arise.

How can we open our mind? For starters you could can start by being healthy! You can’t focus on much or take huge steps right away. Eating right and being active automatically open your mind. If your not able to be active right away start by reading a book, doing a creative project, or learning a new skill. If you are already have enough skills tucked under your belt, try taking on a obstacle that you have always found hard.

But most importantly on however you want to start your journey… never give up no matter how hard it can get. #freethemind