Untitled because it’s unfinished

Is this just my mind playing tricks on me or are we really falling. Falling so hard that the ground just crushes us.

Trying to get up is harder then having the weight of a thousand criminals on your back. Now that you are starting to leave all my mind is screaming is I want you back.

Please this is just the beggining and I’m already beggining to feel the hurt, never regret though your something I could never forget there’s hope in my mind I just hope you can give me this time. To find out who I’m trying to be.

The mixed signals are brighter than the cop lights flashing behind me. The feelings u get as they walk up to your window and say put your hand on the wheel is almost like the feelings I get that I’m tryna kill. If I can’t have you imma lose you. And if I lose you idk what imma do.

Friend or foe you were once something that meant alot to me and now I’ve made choices to become something sorta your enemy. It’s taken alot of all my god damn energy. But the thoughts of you are what keep me going going through hell and back just to be on top. But when I’m on top of you there’s alot more than just the lame thought of love. It’s like you’ve came from up above and I’m trying to keep you captive captive in my imagination on a race track that’s always racing. A runner that hasn’t had a break. A break at the finish line is somewhere always on the edge of my mind but this isn’t it.

Not like this not when I’ve just fallen in love with more than just the kiss. It hasn’t always been like this through trial and error I’ve learned that I was a mistake that’s been made that only makes more mistakes you do what your taught and I was never more than just another black thought. I hope you can forgive me because its forever tearing me apart. I’ve made mistakes but not ones like this. This is a part of my life I don’t wanna miss. Let’s be sober because the days I want to remember won’t be Amiss. I think I love you and I just really needed you to read this…

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