are you listening?

it’s amazing how beautiful everything can appear from a distance. how amazingly kind-hearted, compassionate, innocent, intellectual people can seem to be.. the glorified images of their selves.. the facade seems so real.. but what is said and done behind closed doors,no one knows. The mind games, the real games, the strategies played, the lies no one knows. All one knows is the mask that is put on, the false projections of selves. It’s appalling to see this craft gain recognition and most astonishing is how self-serving and hedious some faces truly are. But truth has it’s own way of revealing itself and karma has it’s own way of dealing with such souls. one feels gratitude towards this conscious Universe,that at the right time,a greater harm averted..a life worth living revealed.. and for all those who can sink this… do you think, thinking this alone, is enough and you cant sit with it .. well to some extent no, because you so also want every such person should be standing as naked to everyone as he /she was and is with you.. the ugly truth be revealed to all.. so that we all come out of the mirage of life and rejoice being just more humane and realize how most important that the end.. and that is all.

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