Knowing myself

as i sit and and introspect.. events of past.. present.. i realize everything was right infront of me, which i kept ignoring. i was always drawn towards basic things.. rain, mud, traditional crafts, nature, environment, humanity, chakras, ayurveda, spirituality.. somehow all the technology, the material world.. was not making sense at all.. the idea of just making money never made sense.i could sense something wasn’t right, so not right, i was as if sleep walking, nothing made sense.. and to add i to it i was ignoring what actually was influencing me.. made sense to me.. but for how long.. the universe has a way of shaking you up and awakening you to do what you are meant for.. i don’t know how many awaken to it.. or even realize such a thing happening.. but it was high time for me to start doing things that made sense rather than sleep walking my life…and this awakening comes in different forms.. obviously when you are in a deep deep sleep.. of unawareness..of ignorance.. something only of this much huge force can wake you up, something happens that appears to have shaken your world upside down… appears to be devastating… but that’s what the awakening is... i find myself more at peace today.. fearless like never before.. feel strangely awakened… could sense so much going around me… and just wondering where the hell i had been all these years.. and what i had been doing.. why i wasted so much time… there seems so much to be done.. i feel huge amounts of energy within me which is trying to find its way out…. trying to free itself from my body… universe keep guiding me.. never ever again i will dare not listen you. awe of you each and every single day.