Today I am going to review two body sprays from Avon. I’m sure that you all might know that Avon has a remarkable line of perfumes, EDT’s and body sprays for men. Most of the time you can buy one in a set, but that does not mean they are set exclusives you can buy one separetly. I often tend use body sprays because they are not that harsh on my skin as a normal perfume , plus they are more afordable. 
Now the chief difference between a body spray and a perfume is the amout of extracts or aromatic oils used in their preparation.
They usually come in a glass bottle with a black cap. You use them pretty much the same way you use a perfume. The bottle comes packed in a cardboard box and on the back of the box you have some info about the spray, for example the ingridients and the expiration date.

Black Suede Touch

Black Suede Touch was launched in 2006. Top note is ginger; middle notes are patchouli and pepper; base notes are cashmere wood, nutmeg, musk and vanilla.
This is the perfect body spray for someone who likes sweet scents.
While using this spray I haven’t noticed any negative outcomes on my skin like iritation or unwanted greasy spots.
I was using it on my pulse spots and the scent lasted for 5-6 hours.
This body spray is great and yet afordable to everyone who might want to try it out

Elite Gentleman

In 2013 Avon launched a collection for men named Elite Gentleman. The collection included an EDT, an after shave and a shower gel.
Avon said:
“This gentleman seduces with his style and scent. Notes of the composition reflect charm, good taste and fine manner. Initial notes provide citrusy drops of bergamot combined with cardamom embraced by herbal scents of basil. The heart of the composition accentuates woody notes of spruce, while depth and seductive charm are provided by cognac, cedar and olibanum.”
Now this spray is a little bit different than Black Suede Touch because it’s not a sweet scent. To be honest it’s very fresh.
The only downside (because I like it more) is that it is not durable as Black Suede Touch, the scents lasts around 3-4 hours.
And lastly I haven’t noticed any negative outcomes on my skin while using any of these. If you have any of these body sprays feel free to comment your thoughts on them.