1) Go through your old photographs

Old photographs invoke a kaleidoscope of emotions and are always instrumental in creating something new through your words.

2) Make a writing playlist

Create a playlist of songs that inspire you to write, songs are a great mood setter…

Law of attraction techniques

1) Visualize the right way

Visualization should be used to experience ideal reality not to manipulate it, if you visualize with the intention to change the reality it creates too much attachment towards it. Visualize your goal as if you are watching a movie . Be an observer towards the process…

“Let’s play some drums and trumpets” ,because we will have some words on life.

Pigtails bouncing in the wild air, she tugs the fabric “Ma’am said something about life, what is life?” gleaming pair of eyes peeped down in various windows, “game of numbers”, logic debates, “four lettered jewel sprinkling…

You suck, admit it


Yes, I am talking to you and about you, your life is a shit hole, everyone sucks, people, situations and during odd hours of the day you wonder why the hell was I born on this earth, yeah I agree with you everything is shitty this…

Credit- Gifer

Let’s admit it, planning sucks.

I have spent half of my most productive time, planning life and what I got in return, absolutely nothing, just some self-criticizing thoughts that why I sucked in my life, that I can’t even abide by my plans.

I feel all of us plan a lot of things whether it…

Divyanshi sharma

Finding my way to life just like you.

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