In this overview we will examine the key components of the DIVO Platform, core technologies and DIVO business idea. We hope it will provide market guidance for investors on a fair assessment of the DIVO Token.


DIVO is a multi-functional online platform and a social network for fashion market professionals. DIVO forms the ecosystem of “smart” services based on smart contracts and blockchain for safe integration of beginner models into the profession.

The core innovative service is a Visual Match Tool (VMT) which is based on Machine Learning and Face Recognition, being used for the search of New Faces and…

Fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry with exceptional community, but digital money is only at the beginning of its growth. DIVO is a digital asset to reverse the situation.

Dear Friends,

Fashion is global and one of the most challenging business fields, which takes a significant part of world’s economy with a turnover of $ 2.8 trillion per year, but due to a technical lag, it is still almost untouched by global digitization. And at the era of crypto currencies and blockchain fashion requires technologies, convenient working tools and innovative payment methods.

DIVO is a global platform and a social network for fashion industry professionals. DIVO provides business services for all major fashion market players like brands, agencies, production, models, fashion bloggers, artists, designers and many more.

Due to the growth of the active community DIVO expands the functionality of DIVO Mob. App., adding new useful features.

DIVO Mob. App. is a working tool for models and professionals of the fashion industry. The application covers the absolute majority of services required by the industry professionals. The aim of DIVO creators is to make the application the only demanded instrument in the market and earn trust of the industry players by implementing: Understandable Navigation — Functional Minimalism — Native Design.

The previous version of the DIVO Mob. App. has undergone a number of changes

Dear investors,

DIVO is rapidly expanding its presence around the globe. Listing and circulation of DIVO Token on ProBit Crypto Assets Exchange is a huge step towards the digital future for DIVO Platform.

The listing of DIVO Token on ProBit Exchange corresponds with DIVO plan to launch DIVO Digital Network — the first in the world decentralized network powered by AI to discover new fashion icons and supermodels.

Old-fashioned scouting process will be replaced with Face Recognition Technology which enables to avoid subjective assessment and automates the search.

When a new platform is launched the question that is always asked: What is your community? What are their needs? How your product satisfy these needs? Here we introduce DIVO core community and explain how they can benefit for becoming a DIVO user.

Our primary users are models, fashion icons, beauty bloggers, luxury brands. DIVO provides smart services and solutions for the career development, promotion and expending their popularity, launching a unique celebrity brand, monetize on fan merchants, connect celebrities with their followers and many more.

Fashion industry professionals are highly valuable business assets since they generate fairly predictable streams…

Engage with DIVO, become a smart user and make impossible everyday

Fashion is a world that combines millions of people and marvelous ideas. And at the era of global digital transformation fashion requires disruptive technologies and convenient working tools.

DIVO is a global platform for cooperation in fashion industry and an ecosystem of decentralized business services for major fashion market players.

DIVO Platform connects users to distributed networks and empowers them to utilize digital services designed specifically for models, influencers, new faces, talents, brands, creators and multi-million army of their followers.

The purpose of DIVO Platform is to ensure…

Dear DIVO’s friends, in this article we would like to give a brief overview of the DIVO Platform impact on the global fashion community. Fashion& Luxury is hungry for innovations and still not digitized — DIVO is here to bridge this gap. Explore how we gonna do it!

Fashion is a world that combines millions of people and marvelous ideas.

And at the era of global digital transformation fashion requires disruptive technologies and convenient working tools.

DIVO is a digital infrastructure platform for the fashion industry, integrated on Mob. and Web. DIVO’s aim is to unite all major market players, launch transparent scenarios of cooperation and form a social Network for industry professionals.

The goal of the DIVO is to create alternative ecosystem of digital services that is appealing for fashion-driven communities, industry professionals, brands, developers and services providers.

To achieve this goal DIVO needs to engage a large group of business partners and build a decentralized DIVO Network to foster direct business relationships between developers, creators and consumers with value and governance shared among the participants. Decentralization offers the most promising way to realize DIVO’s vision of a sustainable future for the fashion industry as a whole.

We believe that we live in an era of economic attention and the role of…

It is the best time for crypto community to pay attention to the industry of fashion, since fashion is no longer an exclusive industry ruled by the elite.

The fundamental digital transformation of the world of fashion has become inevitable. According to State of Fashion 2019 McKinley report «fashion is already seeing a constant stream of innovations, with technology creating new experience to customers» (source: State of Fashion 2019, McKinley)

The increasing amount of funding venture capitalists is pumping into fashion tech startups. In highlight of the growing demand for digitalization, the fashion industry is undergoing large-scale changes.


DIVO is a data-driven online platform for fashion models and new faces scouting ~ powered by artificial intelligence

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