DIVO is a game changer for Fashion

Aug 22, 2019 · 4 min read

Dear DIVO’s friends, in this article we would like to give a brief overview of the DIVO Platform impact on the global fashion community. Fashion& Luxury is hungry for innovations and still not digitized — DIVO is here to bridge this gap. Explore how we gonna do it!

Fashion is a world that combines millions of people and marvelous ideas.

And at the era of global digital transformation fashion requires disruptive technologies and convenient working tools.

DIVO is a digital infrastructure platform for the fashion industry, integrated on Mob. and Web. DIVO’s aim is to unite all major market players, launch transparent scenarios of cooperation and form a social Network for industry professionals.

DIVO Mobile Application is already available on App Store and combines a wide range of features adapted to the lifestyle and specific needs of a multi-million fashion-driven community: model agencies, scouts, models, talents and specifically new faces.

DIVO Mobile Application is a convenient a working tool and serves as a professional elevator that helps pro models and new faces to be quickly noticed by brands via Face Recognition technology.

DIVO Mobile Application enables DIVO to obtain valuable Bid Data and to create a data base of verified industry professionals.

DIVO Web is to create an alternative ecosystem of digital services that is appealing for brands, advertisers, model agencies, developers and services providers, giving commissionaires the infrastructure and tools to build collaboration in a decentralized environment.

DIVO Web includes all the necessary hybrid IT infrastructure, as well as middle layer software, blockchain protocols, business intelligence (BI), database management systems and much more.

DIVO Web is a blockchain on-demand business facilitator that connects users to the decentralized networks to solve real-world business challenges, automate business processes, reduce costs, eliminate intermediaries.

Decentralization offers the most promising way to realize DIVO’s vision of a sustainable future for the fashion industry as a whole.

We, at DIVO, think that blockchain is the best playground for building both trust and peer to peer collaboration. DIVO leverages Ethereum blockchain for building applications and digital services. Operating through smart contracts and decentralized protocols, DIVO can guarantee data integrity, availability, transparency and immutability, which are the fundamental properties of blockchain.

By leveraging the fundamental properties of blockchain DIVO creates the infrastructure of trusted business networking in the industry of fashion.

By building cooperation on top of decentralized networks DIVO can guarantee data integrity, transparency and immutability.

By utilizing verified BIG DATA and smart contracts DIVO establishes a vault of professional reputation, launches transparent scenarios of cooperation and becomes a secure gateway for millions of new faces to enter the industry.

DIVO rethinks the lifestyle and social networking for multi –million community and brings a unique, powerful Brand to the fashion industry and then expending to the other industries as luxury, technologies, media, entertainment, advertisement and finance.

DIVO’s social media power will gain massive traffic of attention. The social network accounts of models, celebrities, influencers and content creators have a total reach of 1.5B followers ( # fashion and # beauty are one of the most popular in Instagram).

According to the project development forecast confirmed by Baker&Tilli https://www.bakertilly.global/ by 2024 the DIVO community will comprise more then 40 000 industry professionals and 30 000 professional models.

The network effect for the Platform is backed by the desire of part of followers to get involved in the fashion industry by registering an account via DIVO Mob. App.

User base organic growth will enable DIVO to launch DIVO Network and will comprise 5–10% from the total audience coverage by DIVO’s core professional community. According to the estimations the number of users to join DIVO Network will be around 1 500 000 prsn.

Network will integrate the two other modules of the Platform into a single ecosystem, providing the strong link between infrastructure, technology, functionality and users.

The main tool for connecting DIVO’s users with the crypto economy will be DIVO Wallet.

Accumulating a large base of models, brands, influencers, bloggers, designers, talents will allow to control a significant cash flow, which makes it possible to add various new financial services associated with e-money, cryto currencies, crowdfunding, custom tokens.

DIVO Wallet has a potential to become the world’s most popular crypto wallet for a huge number of participant of a global fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.

Thank you for reading

Our IEO page on ProBit is availiable here




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DIVO Digital crafted to power DIVO Community with New Faces. www.divo.digital

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