DIVO Token get listed on ProBit

Oct 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Dear investors,

DIVO is rapidly expanding its presence around the globe. Listing and circulation of DIVO Token on ProBit Crypto Assets Exchange is a huge step towards the digital future for DIVO Platform.

The listing of DIVO Token on ProBit Exchange corresponds with DIVO plan to launch DIVO Digital Network — the first in the world decentralized network powered by AI to discover new fashion icons and supermodels.

Old-fashioned scouting process will be replaced with Face Recognition Technology which enables to avoid subjective assessment and automates the search.

DIVO Digital Network will become a professional elevator for newbie models to enter the fashion, media & entertainment markets and become famous by unlocking their social media potential via ample opportunities for promotion on DIVO Platform.

On the initial stage DIVO Token will play a role of a reward to independent scouts who will discover and invite promising fashion models to join DIVO Community.

With DIVO Token users will play more active role in the processes of discovering new fashion & media talents and make money by revenue sharing of model earnings based on worldwide advertising campaigns.

Listing of DIVO Token on ProBit will not only increase the recognition of DIVO among a huge community of crypto investors. DIVO Token will become a digitized reward that will integrate active users into business processes of DIVO Platform.

DIVO is a scalable product with a proven business model based on network growth, technologies and global expansion.


DIVO will build fundamental value for the DIVO Token by leveraging network effect of growing community.


DIVO will create a series of new products powered by smart contracts and based on real business needs of a multi-million community . Step by step more user cases for DIVO Token will become real when integrated into DIVO applications and smart services.

DIVO Team would like to thank ProBit Exchange Team for the professional approach and opportunity to be represented on one of the most reputable crypto exchanges in South East Asia.

Follow our updates. Trade DIVO Token on ProBit and get rich with DIVO.



Written by

DIVO Digital crafted to power DIVO Community with New Faces. www.divo.digital

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