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Aug 5 · 4 min read

The goal of the DIVO is to create alternative ecosystem of digital services that is appealing for fashion-driven communities, industry professionals, brands, developers and services providers.

To achieve this goal DIVO needs to engage a large group of business partners and build a decentralized DIVO Network to foster direct business relationships between developers, creators and consumers with value and governance shared among the participants. Decentralization offers the most promising way to realize DIVO’s vision of a sustainable future for the fashion industry as a whole.

We believe that we live in an era of economic attention and the role of the social media networks in this new economy type is similar to the role that the financial sector plays in monetary capitalism. Today’s dominant digital services have been organized largely around an attention-based economy and monetized through Big Data.

DIVO must create a series of new products, services, and applications for and around the lifestyle of a multi-million fashion-driven community. We, at DIVO, think that blockchain is the best playground for both trust building and peer to peer collaboration. Building applications and digital services on top of a blockchain layer DIVO can guarantee data integrity, availability, transparency and immutability, which are the fundamental properties of blockchain.

DIVO leverages the Ethereum blockchain for secure, distributed ID and transaction authentication. Operating through smart contracts and by leveraging the well-tested decentralized protocols, DIVO ensures trust and powers p2p collaboration that are backed by distributed ledgers, rather than a central authority.

DIVO rethinks the lifestyle and social networking for multi –million fashion& beauty community and unites the whole fashion community by creating a new digital coin: DIVO Token.

DIVO will build fundamental value for the DIVO Token by integrating it into the DIVO Mob. App. and leveraging network effect of growing community of DIVO Network. In the future, users will be able to earn DIVO Token by providing value to DIVO Network’s community through content creation, crowdfunding and business development.

Being a part of DIVO Community means that from now social media influencing, crowd attention, unique skills, scouting, content creation and curation is becoming possible to be digitized, awarded and to obtain its real-world value.

Fashion is an industry with a huge money turnover, geography, which involves a huge amount of human and intellectual resources. Accumulating a large base of models and fashion professionals will allow to control a significant amount of Big Data, which makes it possible to add various services to the monetization portfolio of the DIVO Platform.

DIVO Wallet has the potential to become the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet for a huge number of participants in the global ecosystem of the fashion and beauty industry.

The main tool for using tokens by the DIVO community is the wallet. We consider DIVO Wallet a basic channel of interaction with cryptoeconomics — a tool for receiving, storing, sending tokens and e-money by users of the DIVO Platform. As the user base of the platform grows, new financial services and services on the platform associated with cryptocurrencies and own tokens will be added.

DIVO Token is an open source cryptographic token, which is considered as a universal accounting unit for all economic transactions in the DIVO Platform ecosystem, as well as the basis for interaction with digital services of third-parties providers.

The fashion market has expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry, but smart services, digital assets and cryptocurrencies only at the beginning of its growth story within fashion & luxury. DIVO gives the fashion community access to smart services and DApp(-s) to interest in a new more fashionable way.

Subscription to DIVO Smart services will available for DIVO Tokens.

The size of the user base, its demographics and large-scale community make the DIVO Platform a unique product for using a token that will be used by a wide audience.



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DIVO Digital crafted to power DIVO Community with New Faces. www.divo.digital

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