Voombox Outdoor & Skullcandy Barricade: A side by side comparison

Leaving for an adventurous trip and need a perfect music companion for entertainment in the form of a portable speaker? Voombox Outdoor & Skullcandy Barricade are wireless portable stereo speakers which can entertain you with the loud and clear music from morning till dawn. Light in weight and compact with design, these portable stereo speakers can be easily fitted with your backpack. So whenever you get tired of hiking or rock climbing, just listen to your favourite music while sipping up the drink. But we are here to discuss head to head comparison between these two speakers.

Design Comparison: Barricade is a classic and clean designed by the brand Skullcandy but when really compare the design of these two, undoubtedly Voombox Outdoor is a clear winner for its sharp design and built quality.

Performance comparison: When we talk about the sound quality, Voombox Outdoor takes the edge with its dual channel speakers, which produce a peak audio output of 15 watts. On the other hand, Skullcandy Barricade(10 watts) delivers decent quality sound with just single channel speaker. Hence, the Voombox Outdoor comes out heavy on Skullcandy Barricade with its well-balanced ratio between loudness and bass quality.

Water & Dust Resistance: A portable adventure speaker should have the capabilities to absorb water splashes and resist scratches from dust particles or sharp edges. The Skullcandy Barricade with its IPX7 technology makes it a better option against Voombox Outdoor for water resistance purposes. However, the Divoom model leaves behind the Skullcandy variant with its IPX44 rated strong resistance against dust, scratches and even heavy blows.

Battery Backup: Skullcandy is a bit popular brand across the world but this is the comparison about individual specifications of two products. Now we are on the battery backup section of both the speakers. Skullcandy Barricade lasts up to 8 hours with a single full charge, but Voombox Outdoor stretches the figures to 12 hours in one go.

Connectivity Comparison: It’s a tie when it comes to the Bluetooth connectivity. Both the speakers support Bluetooth 4.0 and can be connected up to 10 metres. Both the devices are super strong in the matter connectivity and easily connects with your Smartphone or other Bluetooth devices.

Control & Usability: In both the devices, integrated remote buttons and microphone are simply comfortable to operate. Both the speakers are using soft and easy clickable buttons. So it’s not easy to say that who is better in this race. But if we talk about mic only, then Voombox Outdoor is a bit better than Skullcandy Barricade.