From Inspiration to Action

Part 2: Validation

So just as the moment of epiphany washed over me, a former client and serial entrepreneur, approached. I asked Scott to listen to my two ideas for businesses to guage his thoughts on their viability. His reaction to the first was positive — a nod of the head. His reaction to what was the concept that would become divvi helped change the course of my career. As I explained how I wanted to power real world recommendations with my iPhone, giving the example of my LL Bean Chukka that he just complemented me on, his eyes burst wide. That is big — his reply. This simple bit of validation was repeated again and again as I went about explaining my idea to marketers and sales people I had worked with over the years in the outdoor industry. At each turn, I expected someone to call me crazy. That I was a fool. I actively courted it. But with each meeting validation grew and my confidence to connect the dots further blossomed.

But I was no technologist. Who was I to challenge the system of commerce/marketing that I actually worked to feed for many years. But I pressed on and in one of my many meetings looking for deterent a local programmer and recent graduate of Middlebury College introduced to me by Scott recommended that I speak to JT.

And I did…

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