The Power of the Crowd

Our fearless leader at the Road Pitch Challenge in Lowell, Vermont. No animals or humans were harmed at this event…

So after months of building, testing and running around with our heads cut off, surviving on the support of our families, friends and visionary angel investors, we are ready to hit the big time in funding. We have not chosen to work with some cool VC fund like Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Spark Capital or First Round. We’ve chosen to work with someone even cooler and more in line with our vision of building digital tools to help consumers — Design Book and their partners at Fundable. Combined the two have raised some $200 million in equity crowd-funded financing for startups.

Being a first-time tech founder in Vermont, is akin to being lost in the wilderness at night. You keep walking forward bumping into trees, falling down, getting back up and doing it all over again. I have been very fortunate to bump into some amazing trees — people who have helped build and shape divvi as it is today and what it will be tomorrow.

Kyle, Aaron, Kim, Nathaniel, Christa and Jakob, are some of the really great trees I’ve bumped into along the way. And like everyone involved with divvi, they came to me recommended by a friend. In this case, by our web developer Guy Derry at TimeWaveMedia who had met Kyle and Aaron at SevenDaysVt Tech Jam.

Design Book team.

Much like ourselves, Kyle and Aaron are hoping to use the power of the crowd to power positive change. In their case, helping startups crowdfund the funds and talent to succeed. For us, a match made in heavan. Not only could we partner with other startup founders to raise our next round of funds, we could work with some really smart cool guys. Who got the trials and tribulations of starting businesses outside the corridors of tech in San Fran and NYC.

So this week we begin the next leg of our journey. In search of funding, partnerships and good people to help propel divvi forward, and to help create the world of truly collaborative commerce that can benefit all — consumers, retailers, brands and the planet. We look forward to bumping into some really good trees along the way. Stay tuned.

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