Why do you like the dark?

Is it because sometimes light obstructs and bends the truth?
 the same way fluorescent streetlamps burn into leaves, turning green to brown,
 only to re-emerge as normal once the sun comes out?
But, y’know, if you look at those leaves from a certain angle,
 they’re golden.
 they’re golden and shimmering and ethereal.
Or maybe you like the dark because it makes us reconsider what we see.

Is it because the light leaves you open?
 It pours down on your skin and bathes you,
 Uncovering everything and revealing the universe
Whereas the dark simply holds you in an embrace.
 It provides comfort that the iridescent, perfect beings cannot,
 As sometimes, Just sometimes, when things get a little too much in a world of color,
 The darkness provides coolness, the calm amidst a storm.

Or is it because you can see things that the light hides?
 As Elysian as the sun is, with its brilliant rays
 Illuminating the earth and the skies above it,
It hides away the cosmos.
It hides away its brothers, sisters and ancestors,
It hides away civilizations and celestial dwellers,
Which the dark parades with a luminescent smile.