How many more ??

I recently came across the gang rape murder case of a girl in Rohtak, India. The post mortem report is filled with gruesome incidents that it can make any person feel nauseated. I don’t want to go over the gory details (Am sure you can find it). The motive behind this heinous, inhuman crime was that the girl declined marriage proposal from the guy. Some barbaric lunatic guys react to such situations in two ways. a) They attack the girl by pouring acid on her face b) Teach her a lesson by gang raping her and eventually murdering her.

Just a few years a similar case rattled the entire nation with people taking to the streets demanding justice for what happened to the girl. BBC made a documentary on her called ‘India’s daughter’. It took 4 years to finally server justice to those involved in the case. Their motives were that as a girl she was roaming with a male friend at 10 in the night. They felt it was their social responsibility to teach her a lesson by raping her and throwing her off a moving bus. This happened in the nation’s capital. We like to call ourselves the fastest growing economy in the world!

How dare you!!! How dare you!!! Are women made for the sole purpose of fulling your sexual needs ?????????

Do they have any remorse or guilt about what they have done. It is the girl’s family who is left with a void that cannot be filled and live with what happened to their princess. The trauma, the pain, being violated…….. No words are sufficient to describe what that girl goes through. How can anyone live with themselves after spoiling another person’s life. All this just because she refused. Does a girl/women not even have the right to choose her partner!

The country’s politicians keep mum and wait for the crowd of protestors to eventually go back to their jobs after a month or so. The then government lacked a spine, but I really hoped that the current administration would take some strong action/steps to prevent such incidents from happening. The Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers are so active on social media, but they chose not to comment about this particular incident.

I can’t fathom the irony that, India is a land where women are worshipped as goddess on one hand and on the other treated as someone whose sole purpose in life is to serve the men of the society.

This post is not aimed at creating awareness or suggesting solutions. This is an outrage of a common Indian girl not knowing what I can do to help out. How many more should be subjected to such cruelty before the government does something about this!

How Many More????

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