Everything Is Different But Everything Is Goood……!!!!

As Things Are Changing So We Are.It is not necessary that Changes are always good or always bad.What we were One Or Two years ago, we are not today.One should change as nowadays it is mandatory.But these Changes are good…❤

Mostly all of us are away from home.So we all can connect to this article.

Those who were away from home can also connect to it 

I am away from home.It is totally different from my home.Here everything is different from food to bed and roof to top.I have to go and take my breakfast no one serves me at bed like mum used to do.But still, everything is good.I am learning to take care of myself.Even I am in a proper routine now. Here Sundays are also in routines.It is different but it is good.

Sometimes, I have to stay awake late night due to work or chit-chats but still, that does not affect my daily routine.Whether I sleep at 11 pm or at 4 am, I have to wake up as per my daily routine.It is different, the whole day becomes so hectic but it is good.

Now Sundays are not just sitting idle or sleeping whole day long. Sundays are cleaning the room, washing clothes, watching web series, complete backlogs or hangouts with family or friends.It is different but it is good.

Sometimes it feels too low to be away from home.Not just home but our native place and surroundings.But at last, I have to convince myself.It is different, sad too but it’s good.I am learning how to control my emotions and how to move on.

I am learning management.How to manage people. How to manage yourself.How to manage study and work and many more things.Management is really very different but it is good.

There is no one to motivate.I am motivating myself not to just work but to work effectively.I need motivation to wake up early , to achieve grades, to work harder and so on.I have become self-motivated.It is different but it is good.

On the last one no one will deny:

I have become more responsible and caring towards my family.I have understood the deeper meaning of “family”.This feeling of responsibility,caring and love is something I could have never understood if I would be with family.It is different but it is actually good.

Thank you For Reading And I hope You can connect with this 