Girl Should Know when to Step-In and Step-Out

Recently I watched movie “Naam-Sabana”.It is based on girl power and empowerment. In this article, I am mentioning one incident on which we all have to give a thought once.
The incident is as follows-In this scene actress Taapsee Pannu(Sabana) and his friend Jai were on the way to home at night.While they were on the bike on road suddenly some guys passing through by started abusing and commenting on them.Sabana was getting angry on them.Firstly both ignored them.Then the boy said to Sabana that don’t react here it’s not about reaching its about when to step-in and step-out. After a while, same guys stopped there way in between. There she reacted. As she was Kudo champion so she bitted those guys badly. But eventually, the situation changed. There were 4 guys. 3 of them held Sabana tightly. Her friend Jai was trying to make Sabana free but one guy hit him with the rod on his head and Jai died on the spot.
This was the incident from the movie.I shared specifically this incident because I want all of us to think of it.As a girl, we all should know when to step-in and when to step-out? Why reply to this type of misbehaviors to boys is wrong? In movie also because Saban replied to those guys that’s why his friend was murdered.Why is it so?Is this so that ego, revenge and replies are made for men only.If girl replies then they should know consequences? If in the same situation because of guy, girl would have died then the story was totally changed. Then it will be said that boy was protecting her. He was trying to safe her.Why it is ok for a guy to take revenge to reply back and not for the girl?
We should give a thought to it.When a girl does self-protection then it is wrong and when not done then also it is wrong.Yes, in this incident if Sabana wanted they would have turned their paths and his friend wouldn’t die. But why should she have to change the path just because she is assets so she should always be safe?If there would be the boy in place of girl then whatever he does will be alright.Just a give a small thought to it.
Thank you for reading it.

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