WE know everything But Still, We stick to things…In our heart and even in our minds…

The action which we are taking today we know its consequences or upcoming results. Still, we do.Maybe that is why we are humans that we can’t control our mind, emotions and actions.But we have seen many persons who controlled their minds and actions some succeeded and some not. Then what should one do? Everything comes with a risk. We know that there is the risk in leaving something and risk in adapting something. Even then also we do it why is it so..??

We can control our mind still we do. Maybe we are humans we believe that we are doing right. Maybe we have faith in God that whatever he does do for good. Maybe we believe whatever happens happens for good. Maybe we have trust in ourself .Maybe we can manage things. Maybe we will manage things.

Above all truths, we do. We understand in our hearts that this will lead to this condition. Unknowingly doing is a different part but knowingly, most of the time we know we are right or wrong if we give serious thought to it. But Still we do. We give serious thought about “future” but still, we do. Maybe we believe in living in present not past or future. Maybe in present and acting accordingly is the most wiser decision. Maybe….or may not be…!!

Sometimes we should take the decision keeping our future in mind because in long term it is essential to do so. Does these decisions will surely bring happiness to our lives. Maybe yes. May be no..”You never know”.So is it right to take decision or it is wrong…..??Sometimes it is the reaction , sometimes it responds.

Think of it…!!

Maybe it is all about present and belief system. May not be….!!!