I have known all my life, my health or my body was never quite mine. I am grateful for the greater sense of freedom I have felt in Singapore or US, but I know how quickly those can be taken away.

That is the threat the virulent attacks on Planned Parenthood make real. The world I escaped might once again become my cage. That is not the world I want to live in and I am doing something about it.

I am donating $250 to Planned Parenthood. But I would like to raise more money by donating cherished books I have to folks who wish to donate a little bit in return. Ultimately, I would like to raise $400 with your help. If 7 people gave $20 each, we would easily reach that goal!

If you are wondering, “Isn’t that too little?”, you are right. Partly it is my utter shame in asking people for money, partly it is my reluctance to part with more immediately. Ultimately, this is an experiment in learning how to raise money for causes I believe in, without appearing like someone with nothing to offer in return.

If you wish to donate directly, you can do it on this page. Some of you might be privileged to work in companies that match your donations, if you do, please do look up how to do so and get them to match.

If you are wondering if these books will reach you outside of US, they will. It might just take longer with ground shipping (and customs).

If you can’t donate, I would appreciate if you can spread the word amongst your friends who might be interested. That said, here are books you can claim (or a Fitbit Zip if you are not into books):

  • Facing Unpleasant Facts — Narrative Essays by George Orwell (Claimed)
  • Good Intentions by Ogden Nash (Claimed)
  • How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand (Claim it)
  • Humiliation by Wayne Koestenbaum (Claim it)
  • Stories • Plays • Poems • Essays by Oscar Wilde (Claimed)
  • Tea Time for the Traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith (Claim it)
  • The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño (Claimed)
  • Fitbit Zip — for those uninterested in books (Claim it)