Doomsday Prophecies: The Beginning

This is hopefully the last public essay I write. I am starting a newsletter without a public archive. You can sign up to receive them.

The lack of a public archive is deliberate. Last December, I became aware of what could happen when you express an opinion that a dedicated group of folks consider suitable for vigilante violence. I deleted my then Twitter account, and went dark.

Through a less-public venue, I hope to have more honest conversations about the world we live in, through the eyes of the future – A future where organizations led by women of color consider success to be reached through collaboration.

How would we evaluate our decisions and opinions if we were to look back from that future? What can we do today to live in that future?

I hope knowing this newsletter reaches folks who want to have that discussion, would make it a fun and interesting medium to write on.

I hope you will enjoy it too!

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