Popularity Matters: Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program

Our definition of “popularity” in the digital world is the number of likes, shares, comments, and tweets. Here’s my story to why I chose to take Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program to answer the same question I asked myself everyday- why does popularity matter?

I’m a recent college graduate who’s constantly looking for ways to implement innovative ideas and creating a brand for myself. Hopefully this brand I’ve built calls for fortune 500 companies to line up and offer me job opportunities. I turned to my hobby of dancing to do this. Yes, choreography! Ever since I was five, I’ve dreamt about owning a dance studio. It would be called “Diva’s Bollywood Dance Studio”. A silly dream, could it work?

One of my friends suggested starting my own Youtube channel. So I hopped on it and posted my first Youtube video. I shared it everywhere! I received a whooping 5.2K views in a month. I mean 5.2K views for your first video! A local choreographer working on a dance video shoot for a movie wanted my assistance. I was startled! Me? I was told my dance and presentation was good in my video and so they hired me as their Assistant Choreographer for the movie. It was a phenomenal experience. I thought this was a step closer to my studio.

I decided to post another video. It scored about 3.6k views in a month. A little lower than what was expected but I was still happy. I started getting better at editing, displaying dancing techniques, and posting more videos. Unfortunately, my videos weren’t getting better with the number of views or subscribers. I used all my resources: relevant tags and sharing on various Facebook communities. Sadly, I was back to square one trying to build a better brand for myself.

One day, while using Google to find all my answers (as we all do), I stumbled upon Udacity. I clearly thought, “No way — I don’t have the time for this”. I signed up and found out that there are multiple platforms to market yourself. It was clearly a different world. Udacity has taught me to use different platforms, not just Youtube, to brand yourself. Remember, branding yourself leads to success.

While continuing this course, using strategies taught thus far, I was able to bump up my subscribers from 3k to 7k. Since then, my video even hit 2.5 million views. 2.5 MILLION VIEWS — and still counting! Popularity means we connect with each other and that is what our digital world is all about. Think about it, why do we continue to re-share, re-tweet, or comment on social media.

Coming back to the question: Why does popularity matter? The answer is simple: it builds a better brand of you, which is important to success. Give this course a shot. I hope you find as much success as I did with this course. Good luck!